Crosspilates lifestyle: conscious and sustainable

More and more people are getting on the train of conscious consumption and sustainability. We have been saturating our planet for many years but luckily we also have a few people trying to reverse that saturation. Here in Barcelona, we see more and more bicycles, electric scooters, bike lanes, green areas, etc. There are more and more locally-made clothing stores or brands retailing clothes made from recycled materials. Recycling, going for closeby options (km0) and reducing waste are things that we should all take on and we are happy to see that we are more and more people are doing so.

At DynamiCore, we firmly believe in the fight for our planet. We are ‘waste warriors’, we like to recycle and we try to leave the minimum footprint.

“When you start a business, it is easy to fall into the trap of generating more waste than you should or consuming more than necessary. When starting up DynamiCore, I tried to avoid this and for that reason, I chose sustainable alternatives and local suppliers. You may have noticed this already but the toilet paper is brown – it is made with recycled cellulose and no chemicals have been used to whiten it. The shower gel/shampoo is made locally and with natural ingredients. And the best bit: our customers have taken on the initiative of writing their name on the cardboard cups to reuse them in each class! “

– Miriam Carles-Tolrà, founder of DynamiCore

For us, a crosspilates lifestyle is not just exercising and taking care of ourselves, but also taking care of our surroundings, thinking about the environment. Just like a crosspilates class, recycling and, above all, generating less waste, is demanding. But once you adopt the crosspilates lifestyle of taking care of yourself and your surroundings, it changes you completely and it gets easier every day. In addition, it is very rewarding to become a ‘waste warrior’.

5 things you can do to change the world

It’s in your power – no matter how many times they tell you it’s not. You can change the world. Your actions will allow the generations to enjoy a planet like the one we enjoy today. Here we suggest 5 small actions that make a big difference:

1. Buy sustainable clothing

One of the most polluting industries on the planet is the textile industry. ‘Fast fashion’ creates a lot of waste that is difficult to recycle. In addition, clothing made of polyester pollutes the oceans with plastic microfibers that are released in each wash. Solution: buy less and better. Such as products from brands like Ecoalf that make their clothes with recycled fabrics – whether it’s shoes from plastic bottles or jackets from fishing nets.

2. Take your own ‘takeaway’ cup

Today there are many stores that sell takeaway coffee cups made from recycled or sustainable materials, as is the case with bamboo takeaway cups. They are a great option to always carry with you and take out when you feel like a coffee to takeaway. There are even folding silicone cups in case you do not want it to occupy too much space. This will help reduce your footprint on the planet – not like the Game of Thrones producers!

3. Say ‘no’ to plastic bags

When you’re buying something, say ‘no’ to the plastic bag. It is best to always carry a tote bag with you – folded in your pocket or in your bag or backpack. Plastic bags are everywhere and they will be everywhere for much longer because they take hundreds of years to decompose. There are already many countries that have banned the use of plastic bags once they’ve seen the impact they have on our ecosystem. In Spain they are not yet banned but they are taxed/charged.

4. Forget about plastic straws

Thousands of plastic straws end up in the sea, harming marine animals and birds or breaking down into difficult-to-collect microplastics. What’s the best alternative to avoid this? Do not use them. There are more and more establishments that use biodegradable alternatives such as cardboard straws or reusable straws such as bamboo or metal straws. And if you like to use a straw, we encourage you to carry a bamboo or aluminum straw with you – you can get it at Everuse shop.

5. Buy the alternative without plastic

When we go to the supermarket, we find plastic wrappers almost everywhere. Anywhere we look, there is something wrapped in plastic. Be it tomatoes in a plastic tray covered with film, bread in a plastic bag, plastic water bottles, rice, pasta, etc. What can we do? Well in the supermarket it can be difficult but look for the alternatives without plastic: get the bread from the bakery in a paper bag, buy fruit and vegetables in bulk instead of the ones that come with wrapping, look for rice or pasta that comes in cardboard packaging, glass bottled water, etc.

EXTRA: Active carbon filter for your water

Filtering water is not that difficult. At DynamiCore we discovered that there’s active carbon bars that filter water through their thousands of pores. Instead of buying bottled water, you can use one of these bars that lasts 3 months and are fully compostable. You can find them at

As we said at the beginning, having a sustainable lifestyle to reduce your footprint on the planet is demanding as is crosspilates, but it is worth it and with each action, it becomes easier and easier. You end up incorporating the actions to your daily life and they no longer feel like an extra effort. Each little grain of sand counts and so from DynamiCore, we want to motivate you to be part of the zero waste movement. If we all adopt at least one of the suggestions we have outlined above, there will be far less plastic bags, disposable cups or single-use straws ending up in our oceans. And there are many other small actions that we can take.

Tell us what you do! How are you changing the world? Leave a comment with your suggestions.

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