5 best places in Barcelona to practice pilates or outdoor sports

5 best places in Barcelona to practice pilates or outdoor sports


Today we will talk about what to do when we’re not doing a cross pilates workout at Dynamicore since we do not always want to go to the gym or, in our case (although unlikely), to a cross pilates class. Some days you may fancy breathing some fresh air and being outdoors. So we asked ourselves: what are the 5 best places to practice outdoor sports in Barcelona? And what sports can we practice?


We have a list of quite emblematic places in the city of Barcelona that you will love! Whether you want to do some sport other than cross pilates or just for a walk, these places are worth a visit. And if in addition to visiting them, you take the chance to do some sport, that’s even better. We are going to propose some alternatives to pilates and cross pilates – from surfing or sailing to hiking. Let’s see if you like these proposals:


Parc de la Ciutadella

Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the largest parks in Barcelona and is also in the heart of the city! Next to the zoo and the sea, it is easy to surround. We can practice running or we can take advantage of the grass areas to do yoga, pilates or gymnastic routines. In this park you will find groups of people gathering in the evenings to have a drink, juggle and walk on the rope. And above all, you will find many people who practice sports. It is the perfect place for it, either between the trees near its emblematic fountain or in the green areas in its main avenue.

Carretera de les aigües

It is the pathway where to go running or cycling par excellence. You will find people walking with family or friends, with dogs, running, cycling and also completing their exercise with series of abs and upper core on km3. You could even dare some cross pilates exercises. Also, despite being on the mountain, it is all flat!

This pathway offers you the best and most spectacular views of the entire city of Barcelona from above – you can’t miss out!

Mar Bella Beach

Just like in Barceloneta beach, here we also have a promenade where we can go cycling, running, skating or just for a walk. But something we find in Mar Bella beach is people playing volleyball and not only in summer, all year long! Very close to the beach we can practice rugby, soccer, field hockey, etc. Oh, and there’s a skate park very closeby.

In this area you will find a genuine sports environment which will encourage you to do anything you want to do! In addition, you can see people practicing yoga and pilates both at sunrise and sunset.


When we say Forum, the first thing that comes to mind is Primavera Sound, music, festival, etc.

But Forum is so much more. Here we find a huge space full of possibilities for all kinds of sports. To begin with, we know that it is a port, therefore we have water activities such as rowing, sailing, triathlon, and there’s even a wakepark. The area above is a very well-known skating sport so you will always find people doing insane tricks on their skateboard or rollerblades.

But if we keep to something basic, we have a large area where we can do yoga, pilates, running, series of stairs, cycling and whatever you can think of.

Barceloneta Beach

Have you ever heard of the W Hotel? The one that looks like a large sail just outside Barcelona’s port? Well right there you will find a promenade offering a large range of possibilities. From skating, cycling, running, skateboarding to high intensity workouts, yoga, pilates, etc.

You have to take advantage not only of the promenade, but all the green areas that provide the perfect surface to lie down or sit down to do your exercise routine. Do not forget that we also have the sand on the beach where we can do endless exercises. And for sea lovers, from here you can go Paddle Surfing because this beach, and especially the section in front of the W Hotel, is usually sheltered from the waves. The brave-souls can even do Stand Up Paddle pilates or yoga. And if the sea is too rough for that, it may mean that there’s waves to go surfing – which we love to do!


Where is the best place to practice sports?

There is no place better than the other, it all depends on the type of sport you want to practice. But be it team sport, running, doing an exercise routine, etc. we can do almost everything outdoors. So we have the gym or pilates center in our case on one hand and on the other, we have endless possibilities outdoors.

If we take it more to my playing field, the question would be: where is the best outdoor place to do pilates or cross pilates?

Again, my opinion is that there is not a perfect place, they are all good. The best thing is that it is a place close to your home and easy to access. This will help you maintain a routine. Choosing a place that is faraway or difficult to access, increases the chances of not going and therefore not doing your exercise, in this case pilates or cross pilates. But whether they’re near or far, these places in Barcelona will make you fall in love with this city.

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