Five New Year resolutions for 2019 that will make you feel the difference

It’s that time of year when we look back at the year that has just ended and we come up with new challenges for the coming year. For many, 2018 will have been a year full of new experiences, challenges, unexpected situations. And, most likely, 2019 is going to be no less! That’s why now is a good time to stop and think about those things we want to achieve this year. Will it be a healthier diet? Consuming less plastic? Exercising regularly? Quitting smoking or biting our nails? Each one will choose that which is more important to them, but whatever your purpose for 2019 is, it will surely be a challenge and you can certainly achieveit!

Here are five New Year resolutions for this 2019 that we would like to suggest from DynamiCore to make you feel better in your day to day.

Purpose # 1 – less screens and more open air

We live connected at all times. The computer in the office, social media on our mobile phones or TV to watch the latest episode of our favorite series… Without realizing it, we spent a great number of hours looking straight into a screen. Sometimes we jump from one to another or even use two simultaneously. Who has not seen a TV show while browsing social media, answering a message or searching for an answer on Google? These are things that we do almost daily and automatically.

This 2019, we suggest disconnecting a little more from our mobile phone and other screens and connect a little more with nature – go out and breathe fresh air. It is not a matter of disappearing completely from social media or getting rid of the TV set. We simply suggest parking screens a few hours to enjoy outdoor activities. Although sometimes it’s difficult, it’s a matter of interrupting the time we spend in front of a screen. This can be difficult when we work in front of a computer, but in that case you can schedule a class of crosspilates at lunchtime to disconnect or you can go out for a walk. Your eyes will also appreciate it!

Also, shortly after reducing the time you spend in front of screens, you will realize how much can be done with that time! Come on, give it a try and tell us everything you’ve done!

Purpose # 2 – say NO to plastic

Caring for our environment is the responsibility of each one of us and the decisions we make every day have an enormous impact. That’s why we suggest saying NO to plastic this 2019. Anywhere we go, we see plastic… Whether it’s in the supermarket, in coffee shops, clothing stores… Everywhere there are products unnecessarily wrapped in plastic, there are products made of plastic, etc. But what can we do to avoid consuming it? Say NO. Always carry a reusable bag and say NO when they offer you a plastic bag. Buy in stores or supermarkets that do not pack their fruits and vegetables in plastic. Avoid polyester clothing materials that release microplastics with each wash.

Recycling is one step but better than recycling is not consuming at all. Each year, eight million tons of plastic end up in the sea. This figure has to be reduced NOW or we will end up drowning in plastic. And both you and I have the power to reduce it. Each bag, each package and each plastic cup we say NO to, is one more step towards that reduction.

Purpose # 3 – cook something new every month

Taking care of our environment is important but taking care of ourselves is also important. That is why another of the New Year resolutions we suggest is to cook something new every month (something healthy, of course). And for those who want to take it even further, each new recipe must have an ingredient that we have never used before – for those who love to cook this will be a great challenge!

When we’re in a rush we tend to eat the first thing we find in the fridge or even stop cooking and opt for takeaway. In the end, when we cook our food, we know exactly what’s in it, what ingredients we have used and in what way they benefit us. On the other hand, every dish we eat outside is a mystery, we only know what we see on the surface.

In addition, the challenge of cooking something new every month will make it even more interesting to have a healthy diet. Who knows, maybe someone will even discover their new favorite dish!

Purpose # 4 – do more crosspilates

And of course, do more exercise. More specifically, more crosspilates. After the holidays, we all want to take care of ourselves a little bit. Going back to routine is the perfect time to do it. We suggest that you incorporate two or three classes a week of crosspilates. This will make you fit, work your balance, and make you feel all the muscles work.

In addition, crosspilates classes are lots of fun. We like to see you enjoy yourself so we are going to encourage you with each exercise so that you take your body to the limit and you feel VERY good about it. And, do not worry if it’s a little more challenging at the beginning. With each class you will gain more resistance. That’s why during the first classes we’re going to let you rest as many times as you want as long as you try again. Because crosspilates is all about that, always trying again

And, on the other hand, the classes will help you disconnect from everything and focus only on you and your body.

Purpose # 5 – seize every moment

We start a new year that will surely bring thousands of new experiences. There will be those who will fall in love, who will travel to a country for the first time, who will discover a secret spot of their city, who will have a son or two, who will change jobs, who will set up a company, who will fulfill dreams, who will share moments and smiles with others.

Whether by disconnecting from the screens or making some time to see the ones we love most, this 2019 we suggest seizing every moment. Every moment next to our family or our partner, every moment with friends, every moment with ourselves, every experience, every new recipe of every month, every purchase without plastics and above all, every class of crosspilates!

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