Why cross pilates?

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Why cross pilates?

It is of common knowledge that performing sports on a continuous basis is beneficial, and both pilates and cross pilates are no exception. When you get into the habit of doing cross pilates, you start to feel both your body and mind change.

In cross pilates we create exercise routines combining the pilates method with bits of crossfit, avoiding everything that could be harmful, heavy weight lifting and impact.

With these routines, you will improve and increase your strength.

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Thanks to its base in the pilates method, in cross pilates we seek to lengthen and elasticize the muscles to acquire and improve the mobility of our body. By improving flexibility we will be more comfortable in many of the exercises.


Strength and muscle tone

Unlike traditional pilates, cross pilates aims for muscle fatigue. This increases the strength of your muscles and tonifies your body, but do not worry, we are not aiming for an increase in muscle volume.


The respiratory pattern

Like in pilates and as it should be in all types of sports, breathing is essential for proper functioning. At DynamiCore we are very insistent on keeping a good breathing pattern that is always consistent with each exercise.



By simply improving flexibility, muscle tone and breathing, our posture will automatically improve. In any case, your cross pilates instructor will always be in class to ensure that all exercises are done correctly, seeking maximum performance. Ultimately, you want to have a  good posture in class but also in your day to day.


Balance and control

Cross pilates classes have this extra: balance. This is the case because you are not only doing a routine of exercises that will challenge your muscles, elasticity and breathing, but you will also have to do them on a somewhat unstable machine, the MOTR, that will make everything a bit more challenging.

The good thing about using MOTR in our classes is that, to keep your balance in any position, you will have to use your core at all times. This will help you take control of your body and get the best results.


Energy increase

Any type of exercise will always increase your energy in addition to giving you that space to have your own moment to take care of yourself and your body. And no matter the sport you do, the best thing is perseverance.


Weight loss

The exercise routines created in DynamiCore seek to work the entire body in each session, looking for muscle fatigue and taking your body to the limit (within everyone’s own limits). That generates a loss of weight, especially as long as it is done with constancy.

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