Cross pilates and pregnancy?

Sport and pregnancy?

Pilates and pregnancy?

These are questions that might come to your mind when you are or will be having a baby..

Yes, yes and yes, sport is necessary both for you and your child during this stage. It is very important that you perform under a professional supervision since some movements and sports can be harmful.

When we talk about pilates for pregnant mothers, in our case cross pilates, it is important that you know that it is based on a excercise routine focused on working out all of your body. You must have in mind that duing the pregnancy stage you body will be experimenting all sorts of changes, like hormonal, physical, psychological, etc, and not because of that we must leave our fitness habits aside.

Yes, we will have to modify parts of your excercise. That is why it is important to have a trained person next to you at all time, to pin point how you should be performing, in order to get the best out of each session.

During pregnancy, and all those changes that it causes, it is important to listen to ourselves and our instinct. Do what is beneficial and don’t what does not feel good. You will always have symptoms from this stage, which will change as it evolves. That it the same that we should do with our workout. As our pregnancy advances, we have to adapt our postures and routines with it to each moment.

Try it with us

In cross pilates we use MOTR as an excercise or reformer aparatus, working our body, but as with everything, our excercises can become more difficult or easier, or, or simply different. In pilates, being the floor version, pilates reformer, pilates cadilla, or in our case Cross pilates, with MOTR we will work with our own wight. We can also use resistance bands with a adjustable strength, but what is clear is that we will modify the excercise to each one’s needs.

In Dynamicore Barcelona we offer classes in small intimate groups of maximum 8 participants, where everyone is welcome and there is no necessary minimum level or knowledge in pilates or sports. If you get pregnant and are already a part of the Dynamicore community, just let your trainer know and she will adapt your workout. That way she can keep an eye as it evolves.

If it is your first time with us you will have to ask for an individual class first, before continuing with the group ones so we can make sure you perform the correct postures. Once we feel like it is safe you will be able to join us in the rest of the classes.