DynamiCore is born to create a type of training that combines all the benefits of crossfit and the best of pilates: cross pilates. It’s a full body dynamic workout and fun excercise that will reach all muscular groups. On top of cross pilates, we’re also offering cross barre and yoga classes.

We want to make a differencce. DynamiCore brings a whole new work out concept where you will feel the difference from day one. Whether you’re doing cross pilates, cross barre or yoga, you will work on you core, stregthening and toning your muscles.

We want you to feel at home. That’s why we have created a co-working chillout space in the loft area, changing rooms, lockers to safely store your personal belongings while you’re at the studio, and showers.

DynamiCore is not a gym, it’s a training studio with small group classes and personal training sessions where exercises are adapted to each individual’s needs.

instructora de pilates y yoga, y fisioterapeuta miriam

Miriam Carles-tolrá

Coach and Physiotherapist

After studying Physiotherapy and specializing in pelvic region rehabilitation, Miriam decided to explore more in the world of Pilates. She has worked using this method from the most traditional and re-enabling variant to the highest fitness training. That is why, after acquiring more knowledge and experience during three years in London, she decided to embark on the path of creating DynamiCore in Barcelona, ​​with a dynamic and fun exercise. Based on personalized treatment, she gets people to achieve their goals by enjoying their bodies and their lives to the fullest.