The answer is difficult and depends on your goals, needs and starting point.

Generally, the recommendation is 2 to 3 sessions a week. This frequency will help you get in shape quickly, and in no time you will be fulfilling your goals.

Each individual’s goals are very important to determine the ideal number of crosspilates classes per week.

How many crosspilates sessions do I need to stay in shape?

If your aim is to stay in shape, we recommend that you do 2 to 3 crosspilates sessions per week, leaving a day to rest between sessions so you don’t overstimulate your muscles. In any case, you can practice any other sport during the rest day, such as running, walking, cycling, etc.

Doing 2 to 3 sessions of crosspilates you will get to improve your muscle tone, strength, balance and endurance quickly. Achieving your goals is in your hands, with perseverance.

Those who have already tried the crosspilates method know that the first few times your body might be sore – depending on the person this will be more or less intense. The more consistent you are working out, the more used to it your body will be and the more you will be able to get out of each crosspilates training.

When doing more and more crosspilates classes, you will find that those exercises that seemed complicated at first, become much easier. But don’t worry, they can always be adapted to each level, making them more or less challening.

How many sessions of crosspilates do I need to lose body fat?

When your goal is not only to lose weight, but to reduce fat in certain areas of your body, we recommend that you do 3 to 4 sessions a week, always remembering that we want to give the body time to recover in between.

If your objective is to lose weight, you should always keep in mind that physical exercise, crosspilates, must be combined with an appropriate diet.

One of the characteristics of crosspilates is that we work with very specific muscle groups in an intense way. For example, the glutes, triceps, obliques, which are found in areas of the body where fat is common. That’s where we accumulate those extra pounds, therefore, exercising the muscles of those areas, we will get toned and lose weight

How many sessions of crosspilates do I need to recover from being a mom?

When you are a mom, your body undergoes a series of physical and hormonal changes that take a while, and require an effort, to return to normal. After the quarantine period, it is ideal to start doing crosspilates twice a week. As in the other cases, perseverance is very important to achieve the desired goals.

It is important that there is a professional that corrects your posture and guides you during each exercise. Above all, it is important to take great care when doing any abdominal exercises, since the core is one of the areas that change most during pregnancy and is also one of the areas that requires more work to return to the physical form prior to pregnancy.

In addition, practicing crosspilates will help you improve and maintain good posture. This can help you prevent injuries when it comes to picking up your baby for long periods of time.

How many sessions of crosspilates do I need to keep my injuries controlled?

In the case of having injuries, whether back, knees, shoulder, or any part of the body, it is important to maintain your muscles strong, this will keep you out of any possible pain. Depending on the type of injury you have, we recommend doing between 1 and 2 crosspilates sessions per week.

One of the great advantages of crosspilates is that we can adapt all the exercises to the needs of each person depending on their injuries, physical level, etc.

One of the most common injuries or causes of pain is back pain, especially lower back pain. This improves considerably by strengthening the muscle tone of the core. The core is one of the muscle groups that works the most in each of the crosspilates classes. Therefore, if we work the core and strengthen the abdominal muscles, our lower back pain will decrease considerably.

How many sessions of crosspilates do I need to improve my posture and avoid pain?

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Body posture is incredibly important and in our society there’s a widespread of bad body posture due to bad habits. This can bring pain, whether that’s back, shoulder, neck pain or even false sciatica, etc. Therefore, it is important to constantly work on our posture to avoid such pain. To improve our posture and avoid pain or discomfort, we recommend doing 1 to 2 sessions of crosspilates per week.

During crosspilates sessions, we work muscle groups, improving muscle tone and elasticity, that help improve our posture. In addition, we really work on the core area and by strengthening it, the lower back area is protected, which will help us avoid injuries and back pain.

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