Cross pilates for everyone: men and women

Cross pilates for everyone: men and women

Many people think that pilates is a sport for women. In fact, many people not only think that it is a sport for women, but that it is a sport for “older women”. Then there are those who believe it is for people with injuries or back pain.


Well, let’s dismantle all these beliefs.

It is true that pilates is a sport for women, “older women”, people with injuries or back pain but it is also a sport for boys and girls, men, “older men”, people without injuries, third gender or no gender at all. Let’s include everyone on the list!

There are many women who practice pilates but they do not do it for the simple fact of being women, they do it possibly because of all the benefits that this sport entails. Not only does it correct our posture, helps us be more flexible and lose weight, but pilates also tones us and makes us fit. In addition, the cross pilates method is even more demanding than pilates, so be prepared to sweat and get very fit. So, do you think this makes it a sport for women?

On the other hand, it is not a sport for “older women”, but it is a sport based on postural education and that is important both when you are young and when you are older – whether you are a man or a woman. Pilates and cross pilates work on muscle flexibility, help tone and this reinforces our lower back and helps us with correct posture. In addition, it helps us prevent injuries and improve back pain. That is why many people with back pain or injuries practice it, but it is also for people without injuries and without back pain. And if you do not have injuries or back pain, doing pilates or cross pilates, will help you avoid future injuries. Why? Well, because pilates and cross pilates strengthen your muscles and help you adopt a good posture, which will result in no injuries or back pain. In addition, in DynamiCore classes we insist a lot on maintaining a good respiratory pattern and this is something you will also notice in your day to day.


Pilates for men and women

Both in pilates and cross pilates we do an exercise routine in which we look for the muscle contraction combined with stretching. The goal is to always work on our balance and with that, we manage to increase the flexibility of our muscles. As well as flexibility, we also work on muscle strength. Pilates and cross pilates exercises seek for our muscle fatigue, that feeling of burning in our muscles. In the first sessions you will feel that that burning feeling appears quite fast but the more sessions you do, the more muscular strength you will get and the more resistance you will have. With the cross pilates method we demand more from our body to tone muscles and increase strength.


Pilates for people with back pain or back pain

Pilates is a type of sport that is characterized by its lack of impact. Therefore, this helps us avoid injuries and cure those injuries that we may already have. On the other hand, pilates makes us work on our muscles by activating the deeper muscle fibers, which are those that make us maintain good posture, which is another thing that prevents new injuries. In addition, the increase in muscle strength makes the muscular joints more protected. In cross pilates we have adopted that 100%. Our main concern, as in pilates, is postural education and correcting any bad posture habits. That is why we limit our classes to a maximum of 8 people, in order to correct everyone one by one during the cross pilates session.


Pilates for children

One of the basic principles of pilates that we have also adopted in cross pilates is the search for the correct breathing pattern and, above all, that breathing itself is part of each exercise. The change of pattern while we do cross pilates exercises will make us obtain greater results but also, getting this pattern right in the exercises and cross pilates classes will make the breathing pattern in our day to day improve, and therefore also help improve our body posture, good alignment and healthier muscles. This is essential for children and we should all be involved in respiratory education as it affects the functioning of our body in many ways.


Pilates for “older” people

What does it mean to be “older”? For me, we are all the same! Perhaps it means that “older” people seek to take more care of their posture or stay more active? If that is the case, then pilates and cross pilates is for “older” people because doing pilates, cross pilates, or sports in general, increases our heart rate and there’s a series of changes that activate our metabolism. That’s why, in my opinion, doing a pilates or cross-pilates in the morning activates you for the rest of the day and it’s a great way to stay in shape since you do a full body workout. Also, as we have said before, it helps us prevent new injuries and maintain good posture.

In our classes, the exercises are for everyone. We do not make a difference in level, age, or gender. What is certain is that each one will be able to adapt the exercises to their body to their own limits and challenge themselves. Similarly, for people who do suffer an injury or suffer from back pain, we can adapt pilates and cross-pilates exercises to improve their condition.

There are sports that have always been said to be of men and others that are of women. Or in the case of team sports, there are few that are mixed. There is always separation. Some on one hand and some on the other. Not here at DynamiCore, our cross pilates classes are for everyone, be it men, women, third gender or no gender.


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