What is cross pilates with MOTR?


At DynamiCore we do Cross Pilates. It is not just a different name, we also use different machinery. We use MOTR, a machine created from the idea of ​​mixing Pilates reformer with Pilates on the floor. With this, we can not only work with resistances, but also work on coordination, agility and, above all, balance thanks to its cylindrical shape.

The resistances you have can be adjusted to 3 different levels equivalent to 1.5kg, 3kg and 4.5kg.

If we think about its use, we must think about its versatility. With MOTR you can do almost all exercises that you propose yourself, tackle all muscular groups and adapt the exercises to each ones level.

MOTR, or ‘movement on the roller’, is a type of Pilates exercise that is completely new in Spain.

But keep in mind that exercises with MOTR are not as easy as they seem, you have to practice and have confidence, but that does not mean you need to have a minimum level to be able to do a class. No way! But it is important to have a professional capable of correcting all your postures and to guide you during the session in a safe way.

What are the classes like?

Cross Pilates classes are limited to eight people, in this way we get personalized attention for everyone. During 55 minutes you will enjoy a dynamic, fun and global training.

Exercises with MOTR can be complemented not only with its resistances, but with different types of sports materials. All this allows us to achieve different levels of difficulty within the same exercise.


Do not avoid this training for fear of difficulty. While the equipment itself may seem complicated at first, it is anything but that. All exercises can be adapted and modified for each ones level.

The training will challenge you and make you sweat, but it is suitable for all levels, you just have to practice. The resistances combined with movement and balance will make you feel all the muscles worked the next day.

What will you get?

Performing exercise with MOTR will increase your stability, flexibility and central strength. It will improve your alignment, balance and breathing technique. The best benefit is the tone you will achieve as Pilates focuses on lengthening and strengthening to form long, thin muscles.

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